Animated Video Maker for Designers & Professional Animators

Powerful design tool for every need

  • Create animated videos
  • Use it for motion design
  • Design HTML5 banner ads
  • HTML5 and GIF animation for your website
  • Build your website with animation
Animation maker for designers -- Animatron Studio

Why create your animation in Animatron?

  • 1 Royalty-free stock included

    Choose from over 200 million stock videos, music and images. Professional footage at only a fraction of the stock cost.
  • 2 Professionally animated sets

    Use animated characters and objects from our free marketplace. Edit and customize them to your design purposes.
  • 3 Drag-and-Drop Import

    Import your own vector and bitmap images, videos, sounds and fonts. Collect all your assets in the project library.
  • 4 Export your projects

    Export to Full HD video, GIF, HTML5, PNG, SVG. Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and other channels.

Use Animatron for creating anything: from explainer videos to motion design

More Reasons to Trust Animatron with Your Animations

Animatron video maker for designers and professional animators includes all the features you need for working on global projects
  • Universal access.

    Our browser-based software allows you to save projects in the cloud and access them anywhere, any time, from any device.
  • Various export options.

    Universal playback allows you to export projects to HTML5, GIF, and video formats, so they work for any type of client and their unique needs.
  • Real-time collaboration.

    Work together with other animators on projects from different devices, or to get client feedback and get back to work quickly.
  • Host projects yourself.

    Download a project's HTML5 code, JavaScript, and resource files and host it on your own website portfolio or on whatever site you want.

Animatron makes designers work easier

Ready to enhance your next project with the easiest animation tool on the market? Animatron is an animated video maker for designers perfect for full-time and freelance artists and professional animators looking for an extensive library of features to really make their animated videos stand out from the competition.