a full course in only 8 weeks

Week 2. Animation Course Week 2
  • Watch tutorials for:
    Adding Nodes 1:43 min
    You can't design that perfect shape in the Animatron Editor without a little knowhow. Learn how to Add Nodes to your Animatron shapes in our Editor!
    Using the Snap to Path Feature 1:49 min
    As a powerful animation tool, the Snap-to-Path feature gives you quick and easy results for applying nice and simple motion to the shapes and objects in your Animatron project!
    Working with Pivot Points 2:18 min
    Learn the basics of manipulating your scene elements in the Animatron Editor. The Pivot Point or Registration Point allows for ease of rotation on any selected object in your scene!
  • Briefly explain the sidebar tools. Start working with the Editor:
    • Draw different types of primitive shapes
    • Show how to add / delete / alter nodes to create new shapes
    • Use Pathfinder to create composite shapes
    • Save shapes to the Library
    • Draw various paths (pencil, pen, outline of shapes as paths)
    • Import images (jpeg)
    • Use the Snap to Path feature
    • Save an object with the path to the Library
    • Import SVG, show how to rescale while holding the Shift key
  • Publish the project as HTML5