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Week 5. Animation Course Week 5
  • Watch tutorial for layers:
    Working with Layers - part 1 3:05 min
    An essential part of developing an animation in the Animatron Editor, is knowing how to work with your Layers. Learn how to organize and function with your layers, here!
    Working with Layers - part 2 3:37 min
    Expand your knowledge of working with Layers in the Animatron Editor! Learn some additional hints and tricks about your Layer options, here!
    Working with Grouped Layers and Movie Clips 2:12 min
    Organizing your complicated designs or over-cluttered canvas can be frustrating ... unless you know how to group your layers! Learn how to work with your Grouped Layers in the Animatron Editor.
  • Explain clips:
    • How to create a clip; show examples.
    • Difference between folders and clips: folders are for structure in the layers panel, clips are a set of objects that have been grouped together.
    • How to enter a clip: double click on the clip on the canvas or click on the pencil icon in the layers panel
    • Using breadcrumbs to go back to the main scene.
  • Then, work in the Editor and add animation within a clip (show how you have to enter the clip to edit / add tweens). Create clips and save them to the Library.
  • Watch tutorials for scenes:
    Working with Scenes 1:46 min
    A key element in organizing and developing your slideshow, story-driven or interactive animations; learning how to work with Scenes in the Animatron Editor is essential to mastering your workflow!

    (Blog post explaining scenes is here:

  • Watch audio tutorials:
    Working with Audio 1:46 min
    Learn the basics of importing and working with Audio clips in the Animatron Editor!
    Using Master Audio 1:51 min
    Audio is a very important part of any motion media project, but there are some key features like the "Master Audio" checkbox, that need some clarity to help you build your Animatron project the way you need it! Whether it's Narrative Voice, background SFX or interactive audio ... Master Audio is here to help!
  • Work in the Editor, importing audio into the multiple-scene project.