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Why make your explainer video in Animatron?

Rich Marketplace

Choose from hundreds of pre-animated characters, props and backgrounds to tell your own story. With scenes from dozens of different industries - from school to construction site - your message will surely reach the right audience.

Impressive Use Cases

Animatron is the perfect explainer video software for any purpose. Whether it’s a product demo, a video for social media or a company presentation, this powerful tool has you covered.

Powerful Customization

Edit pre-animated characters and sets to adapt them to your business needs. Import images, audio and fonts to customize your videos. Create and animate your own vector graphic for the best explainer video ever. No limits to your creativity!

Exporting Options

Download your video as HTML5, SVG, MP4 or GIF. Embed your creation on any website or blog. Share directly to social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Your awesome animated explainer will get noticed!

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Why animated explainer videos are great for your business

Animated videos are perfect for engaging your website visitors and explaining product features. You only have 10 to 20 seconds to persuade a visitor to stay on your website, so make them count!

  • Animation keeps attention. Fun characters and unconventional business situations will engage your viewers on a whole different level than another talking head or usual presentation.
  • Animation simplifies complex topics. It brings things to life in a way that simple text cannot. It can demonstrate how technology works from the inside or show a process that is otherwise invisible.
  • Animated explainers helps your SEO. People engage with your video and watch it till the end - because it’s so much fun. They stay on the website longer, thus telling Google that the website is great. This helps you rank higher on Google.
  • Animation does the PR for you. Since business animations are so fun, people will want to share them on social media and across other platforms. This way, your great explainer video will reach many more people than an article or a traditional demo.
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