Studio-Quality Stock Video Footage

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4 Ways How Stock Video Footage Can Help Your Business

  • Attract attention with real videos.

    In the world where people learned to ignore the media noise around them, make your content noticeable with eye-catching videos and images.
  • Save money on video production.

    You don't need to own a studio in order to produce high-quality videos. Animatron has done it for you: with thousands of ready-to-use clips available in the Market, the hardest part is to choose the one you like.
  • Never run out of ideas.

    Content marketing can be tough, and especially if it's video marketing. With a great collection of videos on hundreds of different topics and search terms, your content marketing production machine will never stop running.
  • Bring more value to your clients.

    No matter if you are an agency or a freelancer: you can now add another service of video making to your marketing bundle. We bet your clients will get excited about the news!

Enhance your content marketing with professional-looking stock video footage

Unleash your creativity with 500,000 stock footage videos, animated backgrounds, images and audio now available in Animatron. With clips on just about anything - food, travel, wedding, real estate, sport and much more - your video marketing is bound to skyrocket!