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Using the Zoom Tool 1:25 min
Learn how to use the Zoom Tool with some handy shortcuts and functions.


Adding Nodes 1:43 min
This quick tutorial shows you some simple shortcuts and methods for adding nodes to your shapes.
Creating Custom Shapes 2:29 min
Learn the basics of how to create custom shapes using the Direct Selection tool.


Using Linear Gradients 2:09 min
Learn how to create and customize Linear Gradients, using the Color Picker.
Using Radial Gradients 1:51 min
Learn how to create and customize Radial Gradients, using the Color Picker.


Working with Layers - part 1 3:05 min
Learn how to select, combine, and organize your layers with some helpful keyboard shortcuts and selection methods.
Working with Layers - part 2 3:37 min
Master the Layers Panel by learning how to Hide, Lock and Outline your layers.
Working with Grouped Layers and Movie Clips 2:12 min
Group Layers help to keep your Canvas organized and your Layers Panel clear of clutter. Watch and learn all about working with Group Layers in the Animatron Editor!


How to use Timeline Zoom 1:07 min
Learn how to zoom in and out of the Animatron Editor Timeline.
Inserting Keyframes 2:01 min
Learn how to alter the path of an object by inserting keyframes.
Layer End Actions: Loop and Reverse 2:16 min
Learn about Layer End Actions: Loop and Reverse, and how they can help you manage your scene's image and animation timing, as well as layer visibility.


Working with Audio 1:46 min
Learn the basics of how to insert audio into your Animatron Projects.
Using Master Audio 1:51 min
Learn how to force audio clips to play seamlessly, throughout all of the scenes of your project.


Working with Scenes 1:46 min
Learn the basics of how to add, duplicate, delete, and rearrange the order of your project's scenes.


Introduction to Masks - part 1 3:45 min
Learn what Masks are, and how to use them, with some simple shape animations.
Introduction to Masks - part 2 2:20 min
Expand your basic knowledge of Masks with another simple shape animation, creating a "zoom-out" effect, while learning some handy keyboard shortcuts along the way.
Advanced Masking Technique - part 1 2:08 min
Let's get more complex with our Masks by using animated Text over an imported Image.
Advanced Masking Technique - part 2 3:17 min
Take your Masking skills to a higher level with this awesome guide on creating a "magnifying" effect, using duplicate layers and some visibility tricks.


How to Make Simple Animations 0:16 min
How to create animation (tutorial) 15 sec
How to Use the Animation Switcher 1:30 min
How to Use the Animation Switcher in Animatron
How to Create Quick Animations with Animatron's FREE Content Marketplace 1:58 min
How to Use the Marketplace to Create Quick Animations
Learn How to Make Animations with a Selfie Photo 2:39 min
How to animate your selfie photo
Working with Pivot Points 2:18 min
Learn how to change an object's Pivot Point, to rotate your shapes more naturally and quickly change its Registration to help with snapping and aligning your objects.
Using the Snap to Path Feature 1:49 min
Learn a cool and quick way to make an object follow a custom, drawn path, using the Snap-to-Path feature.
- not found in the Tutorials
How to Navigate and Use the Animatron Marketplace 0:15 min
Want to use some pre-designed and/or pre-animated objects in your project? Use the completely FREE Marketplace in the Animatron Editor.
How to Create Simple Tweens 0:15 min
Want to create simple tweens in the Animatron Editor? Just change the time and position of the object you wish to animate.
How to Create Color Tweens 0:15 min
Want to change the color of your vector shapes over time? You can easily create color tweens in the Animatron Editor by choosing the time and color you want the shape to change.
How to Change Canvas Dimensions 0:15 min
Need to resize your canvas to better fit your objects and images to your Project? Simply click on the Project Settings Icon at the top of the Editor to access your canvas's Height and Width dimensions, which you can change at any time in your Project.
How to Import Images, Pictures and Photos into Animatron 0:15 min
If you need to import images, pictures or photos into the Animatron Editor, this video will show you just how simple it is. Click that Import Button and bring those pictures to life.
How to Import Multiple Images, Pictures and Photos into Animatron 0:15 min
Need to import more than just one image, picture or photo into Animatron, at the same time? It's really simple! Check out this helpful video to unravel the mysteries of importing multiple images into the Animatron Editor!
How to Import Image Sequences 0:15 min
Want to import an animated image sequence into Animatron, from another software? It's as easy as selecting all of the image sequence files, checking on the "create image sequence" checkbox and setting the duration-per-image.
How to Set an Imported Image as a Background 0:15 min
Wish you could use your own images, photos and pictures as the background of your project? Follow along with this helpful video to learn how.
How to Swap Objects with others using Replace With 0:15 min
You can easily swap objects on your canvas for other objects or images you've saved in your Project Library. Right-click on the object you want to swap out, select "Replace With" from the pop-up Context Menu and choose another object from your Project Library to swap with.
How to Edit Animation Motion Paths 0:15 min
Need to refine that animated character or motion path to curve a particular way? Edit the object's motion path using the Direct Selection Tool and refine those bezier handles and curves.
How to Zoom In and Out of the Animatron Timeline 0:15 min
Want to get a closer look at those clumped up keyframes? Simply click-and-drag the edges of the scrubber at the bottom of the timeline.
How to Use the Eraser Tool 0:15 min
Need to remove some pesky remnants from your vector shapes? Select the Eraser Tool from the Toolbar and just click-and-drag it across your selected vector shapes.
How to Search for Fonts in the Animatron Font Library 0:15 min
Quickly search through hundreds of web fonts in Animatron's font library! click on the font name of your selected text object and scroll through the list! Select a font to sample it. It's easy as pie!
How to Favorite Fonts in the Animatron Font Library 0:15 min
You can easily save your favorite fonts from the Animatron font library. Just click on the stars next to your favorite fonts and then choose them from the "Favorites" tab, later on.
How to Convert Text Objects into Vector Shapes 0:15 min
Turn your Animatron text into editable shapes with an easy right-clicking and choosing to "convert text to shape" from the Context Menu.
How to Change the Scene Duration of your Animatron Project 0:15 min
Need to make your Animatron movie a certain length? Watch this quick example of where you can change your project's scene duration.
How to Manually Reposition an Object's Pivot Point 0:15 min
Need to rotate an object from a specific spot on the canvas? You can easily select the pivot point and then click-and-drag it to where you need your object to rotate from.
How to Use Preset Text Effects 0:15 min
Want to add some quick flare to your text objects, in the Animatron Editor? Choose the effect, choose the effect style and preview the change.
How to See the Save Status of your Project with the Cloud Icon Indicator 0:16 min
Need to know if your project is saved to the cloud? Look to the Cloud Icon Indicator at the top the Animatron Editor.
How to Set an Object's Registration Point in Inspector 0:12 min
Need to rotate an object directly from its corners or edges? Learn how easy it is to click on any of the 9 registration points of a selected object, so you can rotate them more accurately from that point.
How to Distribute Objects on Canvas 0:15 min
Want to evenly spread out a large selection of objects on your canvas? In the Animatron Editor, you can select the Alignment button and use the distribute options at the bottom of the pop-up.
Using Object and Canvas Alignment 0:15 min
In the Animatron Editor, you can align objects to the canvas or even other objects! Just click on the Alignment button and choose to align your selected object to the edges or center of the canvas or another object!
How to Duplicate and Reorder your Scenes 0:14 min
Need to make duplicate scenes or just rearrange the order they play in? Well, in the Animatron Editor, it's as easy as looking to the Scene Inspector at the right side. Click on the "Duplicate Scene" button to create a duplicate copy of the selected scene, then just click-and-drag the scene up and down the stack to reorder it!
Using Play Movie and Play Scene Shortcuts 0:15 min
Play the current scene from start to end by pressing [shift+enter] and play through the whole movie by pressing [command+enter] on your keyboard.
How to View Your Project Preview Page 0:12 min
To preview your animation or movie the way your viewers will see it, simply click on your project's name at the top-left of the Animatron Editor and you will be able to preview and share your movie from there.
Setting Privacy and Sharing Permissions in Your Animatron Project 0:15 min
In order to set your projects privacy and sharing permissions, click on the project settings icon next to your project name and select the desired permissions at the bottom of the inspector panel.
Adding and Removing Time to Layers 0:15 min
You can quickly add or remove time from a selected layer by simply Right-clicking on the timeband and choosing to add or remove time from that layer.
How to Break Apart Objects Animations and Grouped Layers 0:13 min
In order to break apart complex layers or animated objects in the Animatron Editor Right-click on any object or layer and select "Break Apart..." from the pop-up Context Menu.
Download Current Canvas Selection as SVG File 0:15 min
You can quickly download your canvas selections as SVG files, to be used in alternative vector editing software. Select the object(s), the time frame you wish to download and just press 'Ctrl+K' on your keyboard.
How to Move Objects from one Scene to Another 0:15 min
In the Animatron Editor, you can use 'Ctrl+C' to copy selected objects, and 'Ctrl+V' to paste those objects into other scenes or even other projects.
How to Make Simple Animations 0:16 min
Making simple animations in the Animatron Editor is easy. With Animation Mode on, position your object on the canvas where you want it to start at. Then, just change the time on the timeline that you want the object to stop, and move the object to where you want it to go.
Zooming In and Out of the Animatron Canvas with X and Y shortcut keys 0:14 min
Simply press the Z key on your keyboard to zoom IN. Press the X key to zoom OUT.
Easily Edit Vector Shapes 0:13 min
Create your own graphic by using the Direct Selection Tool from the Animatron Editor's Toolbar. This tool is great for reshaping any vector primitive shape on the canvas.
Copy Objects from one Animatron Project to Another 0:14 min
Learn how to quickly copy objects from one Animatron project and paste them into another.
Take a Snapshot Image of your Canvas 0:14 min
While in the Editor, you can simply press (Command+M) or (Ctrl+M) to quickly take a canvas snapshot. This will automatically download a PNG image of your canvas, at the point in time you're viewing on the timeline.
Rotate Objects on the Canvas 0:13 min
Just looking to rotate objects into place? Select the object, then click-and-drag the rotation handle on the canvas.
How to Name Your Animatron Project 0:14 min
Click on your Project Settings and type in your Project Name in the provided field. You can even click on your Project's Name to access the Preview Page of your movie.
How to Move Around the Animatron Canvas with Spacebar 0:13 min
Press-and-hold the Spacebar on your keyboard and then click-and-drag to easily move around the Canvas.
How to Add Searchable Tags to your Animatron Project 0:15 min
Want people to be able to quickly and easily search for your Animatron projects? Add searchable Tags to them.
How to Add a Description to your Animatron Project 0:15 min
Look in your Project Settings in the Animatron Editor and enter an informative description to let viewers know what your Project is all about.
How to Name and Rename Layers 0:15 min
To rename and organize your layers in the Animatron Editor, double-click on the layer's name and type in a new one.
How to Lock and Unlock Layers 0:15 min
You can lock and unlock your layers in the Animatron Editor by simply clicking on the gray dots under the Lock icon in the Layers Panel. Lock down your layers so you don't accidentally move them around without you knowing.
How to Hide and Unhide Layers 0:15 min
You can easily hide or unhide your layers in the Animatron Editor by clicking on the gray dots below the Eye icon, in the Layers Panel.
How to Change Time on Timeline with Playhead 0:15 min
Want to see a specific frame? Click on the Timeline to set the Playhead at that time, or click-and-drag the playhead to scrub along the Timeline.
How to Cut Out Vector Shapes with Pathfinder Exclude 0:15 min
Select the "cutting" shape first, then select the shape you want cut; click on the Pathfinder and choose "exclude" from the popup bubble.
How to Merge Vector Shapes with Pathfinder Union 0:14 min
Select all of the shapes you want to merge together (choosing the primary shape, first) and choose "Union" from the Pathfinder popup bubble.
How to Use Breadcrumbs to Exit Movie Clips 0:13 min
Need to get out of your isolated Movie Clips and back to the main Canvas? Simply follow the Breadcrumbs back home.
How to Undo and Redo Changes Made in the Animatron Editor 0:13 min
Undo any changes with [ctrl + Z] (or 'cmd+Z' on MAC). Undo too far? Then Redo your last changes with [Shift + ctrl + Z] (or 'Shift + cmd + Z' on MAC).
Masking Your Own Mouth Video to Make Characters Talk 0:15 min
Create a video of your own mouth, import it into the Animatron Editor and mask it out using this simple guide.
How to Create Whiteboard Animation with Animatron 0:14 min
Did you know you can use Animatron to create whiteboard animation? Just choose the appearing effect that's right for your story.
- not found in the Tips
How to Create a Growing Flower Animation with Animatron 18:46 min
This Animatron Editor walk-through video will help you to create an animation of a flower growing up from the ground.
How to create a bug character and animate it along a path 26:48 min
This Animatron Editor walk-through video can help you to understand how to build a bug-like character and animate it along a drawn path, using the snap-to-path feature.
How to create an animated network of nodes and lines 25:19 min
This Animatron Editor walk-through video can help you understand how to put together and organize an animated "network" of nodes, lines and information branches.
How to make your Characters Talk using Voice Overs and Lip Syncing with Animated Mouth Shapes 41:40 min
Have you ever wondered how animate your characters so they look as though they are talking (Lip Syncing) along with voice recording audio? Look no further! Here is a simple explanation of how it works, where to find the resources to do it yourself and most importantly, how to put your animated scene together, all using the Animatron Editor!
How to use the Bone Tool to Rig and Animate a Constructible Animatron Character 13:45 min
We admit, the Bone Tool is not super simple to use at first. So, follow us through this walkthrough guide of the step-by-step process to construct and prepare a puppet character for rigging with the Bone Tool.
How to Use the Bone Tool to Rig a Cutout Vector Character Puppet 57:06 min
Trying to animate a solid vector graphic and don't know where to start? Cut up a vector graphic with the Knife Tool, prepare it for rigging with the Bone Tool and then go to town arranging and animating it however you want.
Animated Text 10:49 min
A video tutorial that demonstrates how to animate text in Animatron.
Floating Bird Tutorial 11:55 min
A video tutorial that shows how the "Floating Bird" animation was created. Editable project here: http://editor.animatron.com/#p=4c7ddd527cb03490c403ec24
Running Robot Tutorial 17:59 min
Learn how to how to create an animated running effect in Animatron. Editable project here: http://editor.animatron.com/#p=a23edd5294c32edd6faf8ba8
- not found in the Walk-Thrus's