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    You can make beautiful blog videos in just 5 minutes. Simply search 200 million stock video clips, audio files and images, add your text on top and download the video. Voila!
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    Resize videos to fit different social media platforms in a click. With, you can make videos that will promote your blog perfectly on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
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    Vast customizing options allow you to add your own logo or branding on top of video, upload your own media, change text color and fonts, use various text effects. Get creative with

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Resize your video to fit all social platforms in one click

How can help with your blog promotion

  • Stats show that posts with videos get 85% more clicks and likes than posts without. Make sure to add a video to your social media post promoting your new blog or article.
  • Add logo to your videos. Build brand awareness by adding your company logo to the clips you create in Even if you use stock video clips, you can still make your videos look unique.
  • Preview videos in real time. Any changes you make to your video are available in the video maker right away. No need to download the video every time you change video clips or text.

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As a blogger, your most valuable asset is your audience. Who doesn’t want more readers, more outreach, more engagement? Use video to grab attention on social media and beyond, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. Meet