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Newly Enhanced User Support

Salut, my animation comrades!

We have some amazing news for you Animatron heads out there who need a little extra help, finding help. Please, allow me to assist you with your Animatron woes. Let’s take a look at our latest updates to User Support!

Here’s all the new ways we can help you, help yourself:

Our website has a couple of new helpful additions, starting with the newly redefined Knowledge Base. This new Knowledge Base is stocked with written articles meant to help guide you through your newly-searchable issues. Clicking on the “Help” tab on our website header will bring you to this wealth of knowledge. Also, from the Editor you can now click on this new Help Icon located next to your profile thumbnail, which will get you to all of the same articles posted in our Knowledge Base!


Along with our latest Knowledge Base upgrades, came the necessity for a community hub. So, we’d love to officially welcome you into the Animatron Community by accessing our Forum, also located on our website header. The Forum is a place for you to find additional and more specific help from our staff, fellow animators and professionals!

Like our Blog posts (or have some strong talking points)? Now you have the ability to voice your opinions, pleasures and dislikes by adding onto the conversation! Comments are now available in our Blog section of the website. Simply, go to the blog post you wish to discuss and scroll to the bottom to read or add comments.

And no new news here, but you are always encouraged to shoot us an email at for any specific questions, comments or suggestions for our staff!

Now, go frolic in the winds of success and animate forth!

Sincerely, -Your Animatron Guru

We’ll keep you in the loop!

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